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Our customers frequently ask us questions regarding our services, courses, safari's and travelling to Egypt. This page provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your questions here, please go to the information form, which you will find under Booking .

About Hurghada, Egypt

  • How do I get there?

    Hurghada has an international airport with charter flights to all major European destinations. Check out last-minute rates on the internet or with your travel agent.
    To and from Cairo there are scheduled flights to all European countries. When you arrive in Cairo, you can either travel by bus or domestic flight (around 10 times a day) to Hurghada.

  • Transportation from the airport?

    The airport is located about 15 min. from the center of Hurghada, from downtown as well as from Sekalla. A taxi should cost not more than 30 £E.

  • Do I need a visa?

    Yes, to visit Egypt you need a tourist visa. A normal tourist visa is valid for one month from the day it is issued. The average cost is between 15 and 20 US $. Most travel agencies and tour operators provide visa for their guests.
    If you do not have one before arriving in Egypt, you can get one at any international airport upon arrival.

  • What type of currency can I use in Egypt and where can I change?

    Most businesses and banks accept any currency. However, the exchange rates may vary. (1US $ is around 5 £E) The best rates you will get in the exchange offices and NOT in the banks. There's possibility to change some money in the airport itself. Travellers checks are not widely accepted and may be difficult to cash.

  • What type of credit cards are accepted in Egypt?

    All major credit cards are accepted at most businesses and banks. MasterCard, American Express, and Visa are most commonly used.

  • Do I need special immunizations when I travel to Egypt?


  • What type of medical facilities are available?

    Medical facilities are adequate for most medical problems, including diving related emergencies. There are several hospitals offering various levels of services from minor outpatient care to more serious problems including surgical procedures. We keep a complete updated list of medical facilities including contact information and other important numbers.

  • Where is the nearest hyper baric chamber?

    There are two, high qualitative hyper baric chambers located in Hurghada that manage diving related accidents.

  • What type of hotels are available in Hurghada?

    Any type of hotel accommodation is available in Hurghada, from guest houses up to five star resorts. Rates vary depending on the time of year and it can be difficult to reserve during high season. We offer rooms at very good rates.

  • What about the Food?

    Everything is available in Hurghada from local cuisine, excellent seafood, to all types and styles of European restaurants. For the fast-food lovers, there is MC Donald's, Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

  • What about tipping?

    Tipping in Egypt is entirely a matter of choice and depends on whether you have enjoyed the service you received. On a weeklong live aboard trip, if you feel you have received excellent and friendly service from our crew and staff, you may wish to leave a tip, although this is entirely at your discretion.

  • Is there anything to do outside diving?

    Egypt is a world class holiday destination offering lots and lots of culture, water sports, dry sports, good shopping and nightlife. You won't run out of things to do, we promise.

About Diving in the Red Sea

  • What am I likely to see on a dive?

    On every dive, you can expect to see a wide variety of colourful hard and soft corals, clown anemone fish, lion fish, tuna, groupers, jacks, schools of colourful tropical fish and numerous other reef fish. In fact, the sites you will dive on are full of small and interesting reef creatures. For those seeking larger animal encounters, choose your sites to increase your chances of diving with turtles, dolphins, reef sharks, leopard sharks, eagle rays.

  • What is the water temperature?

    You can expect water temperatures around 22°C in winter and around 27°C in summer.

  • How many dives can I do in one day?

    A typical day trip consists of 2 dives with lunch inbetween. In the evening it is also possible to make night dives from the house-reef or boat.
    A live aboard trip opens up more diving possibilities and allows you to relax between your dives, so that you can dive 3-4-5 times in one day, including a night dive.

  • How deep are the dive sites?

    In the Red Sea we have all kinds of dives, from shallow, 10-15m, until deep, 40m plus. On safari's as well as during the daily diving.

  • Are there strong currents?

    If you like the enjoyment of a drift dive, you can choose to dive some of the sites that provide a convenient, and sometimes strong, current. If not, you can choose to dive the sites that have little or no current. There are so many different dive sites in the Red Sea, that you'll become spoiled for choice!

  • Will I see sharks?

    If you opt for a safari trip down south your chances of seeing reef sharks, an oceanic shark or even a hammerhead are very high indeed. During daily dives the chances are a lot smaller but look around in the big blue and you might be lucky.

About Live Aboards

  • What should I bring?

    All your personal diving gear (except tanks and weights), bathing suit, towel, T-shirts, shorts, and sun protection. As evenings can sometimes be a little cooler, especially in winter time, you might also bring a windbreaker or sweatshirt and long pants. You always need less than you think. Any excess luggage or valuables may be kept at your hotel or at our office during the cruise. If you don't have your own equipment, Picasso has a full range of quality rental diving equipment.

  • Where will I sleep?

    You will be sleeping in double cabins with pillows, blankets and sheets provided. There are windows to give you plenty of fresh air. Some vessels have air conditioning.

  • What kind of food is served?

    Our cooks produce excellent Egyptian and Western cuisine. Some highlights: daily hearty western style breakfasts, delicious fresh fish, local fruits and vegetables - even chicken cordon bleu.

  • What if I am vegetarian?

    If you are vegetarian, let us know a week prior to your trip and we will make sure there are plenty of vegetarian dishes to suit your taste.

  • How many dives can I do in one day?

    A live-aboard cruise opens up more diving possibilities than the daily diving and allows you to relax quickly between dives, so that you can dive 3-4-5 times in one day.

  • Can I recharge my strobes and batteries?

    Yes. 220/110/24 Volt current is provided.

About PADI Diving Courses

  • What is PADI?

    PADI - the Professional Association of Diving Instructors - is the largest dive training organization in the world with affiliated dive centers and members in more than 100 countries.

  • How old must I be?

    Anyone from age 8 and up in good health can enrol in a PADI diving course.

  • Do I need to pass a medical?

    Before you can enrol in your course, you must sign a medical statement that says you are fit to dive. If you have any pre-existing conditions, they must be signed off by a doctor.

  • Do I have to be a good swimmer?

    No, you don't. But you should feel comfortable in the water. A 10 minute float and a 200 meters swim or 300 meters snorkel swim is to be completed prior to certification.

  • What if I can't complete the course?

    You will be granted credit for the portion of the course you have completed. Afterwards you can finish your course at any PADI diving center.

How can I make a Booking?

  • Booking a trip/course with us is easy. Simply fill out our online Booking form or send a fax or email, telling us which trip/course you are interested in and how many places you need. We will then confirm the price and let you know whether there is space available or not.

    See you soon!